About us

The International Quick Service Group has been established in 2003 in Gliwice.
The company’s capital is 100% polish capital.

In 2004 a new branch has been created in Partyzánske, Slovakia and in 2007 another branch has been formed in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Currently we employ more than 25 full-time workers, and a number of our quality controllers 600 every month.

We provide our services in the place shown by our client, mostly in their factories both in our country and abroad.

We also posess warehouses.
We work in accordance with standards (i.e.)

  • The Team Coordinator assigned to work at the plant of each customer
  • Availability 24/7
  • reaction time 60 min.
  • report system available on-line
  • flexibility and availability of our quality controllers
  • meeting safety and fire regulations
  • well-trained staff – specialists from different areas in possession of various skills ISO 9001 norm, technical drawing, measurement tools service, fork-lift trucks service etc.
  • obeying 5S norms
  • providing working clothes for quality controllers
  • providing tools and machines

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