ISOCERT Sp. z o. o.

It is a unit of certification systems for quality management, environment and security. It provides services competently and professionally with high quality standards. Auditors ISOCERT are individuals with extensive experience and a broad knowledge of management systems. Competence ISOCERT been confirmed by the most important in the national system of certification organization – Polish Centre for Accreditation. We work according to the maintenance and certified by ISOCERT quality management system according to PN – EN ISO 9001: 2009. We are certified by no 145450/C/2.

Image FORUM OF QUALITY – QUALITY INTERNATIONAL 2007, 2008, 2009The competition FORUM of QUALITY “QUALITY INTERNATIONAL”  is an undertaking targeted to the institutions, manufacturers, service providers which have the legible quality policy with reference to the product, service and management system – for the companies which have the achievements on the world’s highest level.
IQS Poland Ltd, was honored by the title of the Competition Finalist of the Forum of Quality “Quality International” in the years of 2007, 2008 and 2009 organized by the editor of Forum of Business under the patronage of Ministry of Regional Development, Polish Forum ISO 9000 Club and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. Qualification of our company to the group of the competition finalists is a proof of recognition of our services, and also our management system.
The actions of our company were honored in 2 categories:
– QI SERVICES – the services of the highest quality
– QI ORDER – the management system of the highest quality.
Image Gazele Biznesu 2008“Gazele Biznesu” is a promotion project carried out by the economics newspapers. The main goal of its reward is promotion of small and medium companies. The annual ranking (started in 2002) of the best developing small and medium companies is made in order to show the companies which can achieve very good position on the market during their developmentOur company was honored by the title “Gazela Biznesu 2008” with the position 917 of 4104 in the general ranking, and with the position 124 of 520 in the regional ranking. The period of company activity from 2005 to 2007 was the subject for the tests.
SOLIDNA FIRMA 2008,2009,2010 (SOLID COMPANY 2008,2009,2010)The Solid Company program for the inauguration in 2002 is supports and promotes the solid companies, and verifies them at the same time creating the data base of reliable companies.
The certifications of Solid Company are the most effective confirmation of credibility of the company as the reliable payer and good employee.In 2010 we were awarded a Silver Certificate. This is a special award for companies that have successfully passed the verification process.
Company of the Year 2009 Primus Inter ParesCompany of the Year Award Primus Inter Pares may receive only the firms that invest in human capital. The program’s nominees are prominent in the region, as instructed by the chambers of commerce and trade associations, business associations and clubs and associations of entrepreneurs and experts Primus Inter Pares. Emphasis undertakes to adopt the practice of the winner in the “Talent of the Year” organized among gifted students..
Image THE POLISH CHAMBER OF AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRYThe Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry is an organization of economic government.
It was founded in 1994 and gathers the representatives of the wide motorization lobby.
It represents the entrepreneurs from the motorization market. The car dealers, authorized service points, parts and components manufacturers, distributors of shop equipment, the expert’s organizations, certificating companies, motorization medias and the associations of motorization companies belong to them.
From the 2008, the IQS GROUP was admitted as a member of the Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry.
Company of the Year awardCertificate of Polish Product of the Year in the category of company is a distinction awarded to companies for their achievements and position in the market. Summary of activities in the last year as in previous years, the history of the company’s development partners such as recommendations to key information on which Chapter of choice. This award is a confirmation of the authenticity of Polishness Companies, which is of strategic importance for companies that are interested in doing with the European Union market. In 2010 we were awarded the title of the Polish Product Company of the Year.
Benchmark IndexThe system of benchmarking known as Benchmark Index is one of the world’s biggest data bank of the companies achievements. This system allow to compare within one trade many standardized company rates directly to the competition operating in certain region, country
or international market.
Benchmark Index is business diagnostic tool, which significantly improves the achievements of the company by the analysis of the chosen rates, comparing them to the other companies operating e.g. in the same trade. This kind of comparison gives the company some basis for the review of the relatively strong and weak points, which may serve as the background for determining business goals, studies and verification the business strategy and determining priorities in the range of action plans. It contributes to increase the profitability of the company, and also helps to create new work places. The test considers 4 aspects of the company activity: financial, customer, inner processes and learning and development which allow to consider the company activity in accordance to the balanced scorecard.
Our company in 2007 entered the Benchmark Index program, organized by TŰV NORD,
Comparing itself to the European companies and using new innovational management solutions.


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