Ethical code

Company’s reputation

  • our company’s reputation depends on ourselves
  • we create the image of our company in accordance with the highest ethical standards
  • broadly seen good of our company is our priority
  • we respect the safety code in our working environment

Relations with clients and co-workers

  • we never say something is impossible. We always make effort to look for a better solution
  • even thought we are not able to meet the deadline we inform about the delay and it is cause whoever it may concern
  • we never leave any questions unanswered
  • to respect everyone in our environment is our priority
  • everything we do is marked by honesty and in conformity with the law

Confidential information

  • what we do requires full discretion and a unique way of treating our clients and their property
  • we never use our company’s wealth for our own personal benefit

General arrangements

  • we report every clash of interest to our direct superior
  • we are all responsible for respecting this code
  • every worker that has knowledge of breaking this code is obliged to report this fact immediately to company’s board
  • the worker’s affirm their compliance with the code every year

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